TraceSafe Inc obtains a US patent for its new position tracking system

Patented technology enables continuous tracking and monitoring of electronic tags achieving extremely low power consumption

TraceSafe Inc. (CSE:TSF) said the US Patent and Trademark Office has granted the company a patent for its new position tracking system.

The patented technology enables continuous tracking and monitoring of electronic tags by achieving extremely low power consumption, bolstering the company’s growing intellectual property (IP) portfolio that includes energy-efficient wearable devices for the patient follow-up.

TraceSafe noted that conventional position tracking solutions require elaborate, high-energy infrastructure for deploying wearable devices and other asset tracking components that need to be recharged frequently.

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The company’s position tracking system helps solve this problem with its patented system to reduce power consumption with controlled degradation of overall system performance, such as location accuracy and update rate of the localisation.

“With stricter environmental regulations and growing demand for solutions that support sustainable operations, TraceSafe is uniquely positioned to meet market demand with technology that supports energy efficiency,” said TraceSafe CEO, Dennis Kwan, in a statement.

“The newly added patent and supporting technology can have a large-scale impact on how IoT solutions are deployed in global markets and we are proud to be pioneers in the segment.”

The company added that the position tracking system can be successfully implemented to obtain accurate data for various applications across industries, including self-quarantine, contact tracing, patient monitoring, tracking location history and monitoring the use of personnel assets.

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