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Author Akos Estoth has announced that the third volume of his new light novel series, Isekai Academy threw!

Isekai Academy

The third book, Isekai Academy o3: Lyeh Du-Kien and the melancholic saint of knowledgeis available on Amazon in physical format for $14.99, in Kindle format for $5.99, or free with a Kindle Unlimited subscription.

Estoth provided the synopsis for the third volume which is as follows:

A fight between new friends can be catastrophic for the young guild. Lyeh questions what has never been questioned. The heart of the young saint is plunged into chaos at this revelation. Is this the beginning of the end for their guild, or can these kids overcome their preconceptions?

Unanswered questions were asked. Will they struggle to find the answers, or will they leave these difficult questions for the future? Can these children be mature enough not to let their emotions control them? Will the Academy give them time to act rationally? What other problems will they face before the end of their first year? Will Chaos dissolve before a year has even passed?

Akos Estoth is also the author of isekai monster series. You can retrieve the last volume of its latest series, Isekai Academy here: Isekai Academy Vol. 3

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