Exclusive Cover Reveal: “Part of Your World: A Twisted Tale Graphic Novel”

Disney’s hit twisted tales The anthology adds another twist to the mix with the launch of the first graphic novel in the series. part of your world by Liz Braswell was originally published in 2018 and will soon be available as a graphic novel. Stephanie Kate Strohm and illustrator duo Kelly and Nichole Matthews offer another unique perspective on this dark, romantic fairy tale with their jaw-dropping adaptation.

The twisted tales The series began in 2015 and currently comprises 12 books, with more on the way. These books, essentially, encompass the “what if?” classic Disney tales. What if Aladdin had never found the lamp? What if Sleeping Beauty never woke up, or if Anna and Elsa never knew each other? In part of your worldthe question is, what if Ariel had never defeated Ursula?

The book follows Ariel five years after defying her father and swapping voices with Ursula in hopes of meeting Prince Eric. However, she was betrayed, attacked, and defeated by Ursula, who took everything, including her voice, her father, and her prince. Now she is the silent ruler of Atlantica, while Ursula rules Eric’s kingdom on earth. When Ariel learns that her father may still be alive, she once again ventures into the world she had dreamed of being a part of. As Ursula’s evil plans for land and sea begin to come to fruition, it will be up to Ariel to save her home and defeat the villain who stole everything from her.

part of your world cover reveal

Check out the exclusive cover art revealed for part of your world below:

Part of Your World Graphic Novel by Kate Strohm
(Disney Press)

Strohm’s adaptation already looks strong from this cover glimpse of a menacing Queen Ariel. She is no longer the Little Mermaid of our childhood, but a tough, strong woman who is ready to take back what is rightfully hers. She is both a queen and a warrior, with a crown, as well as armor and a trident. Ariel does not come to earth as a young girl ready to meet her prince charming, but as a woman with a duty. She must save both the world she lives in, and the world she wants to be a part of, from Ursula, who is the ever-present, ominous, and looming figure in the background.

part of your world the double pages reveal

In addition to the cover, here is a preview of several pages from Strohm’s part of your world graphic novel. Pages 16-17 see Ariel and Flounder discuss the possibility that her father is still alive. Although they don’t have much to do, even a mere hint of hope is worth a try.

(Disney Press)

Page 19 shows Ariel trying to remove her “Little Mermaid” title. She sets out to save her father and right his wrongs. His naivety once led to his father’s capture, but now it’s his bravery that will save him. In doing so, she will prove to her kingdom who she really is. However, it seems that the same Little Mermaid is still alive somewhere inside her, as she toys with the idea of ​​visiting Eric, but just for the good old days, of course.

(Disney Press)

Page 26 captures the powerful moment when Ariel finds her voice. The design allows us to simultaneously see the varying responses of Ariel, Ursula, and Eric to this important development. Prince Eric, as well as Ursula, immediately sense that the Little Mermaid has returned to earth. Cracks are already appearing in Ursula’s delusion as Eric senses something is wrong and Ursula prepares for revenge.

(Disney Press)

part of your world release date

We have all had the opportunity to see the version of Ariel in The little Mermaid, but we never got a visual guide to what Ariel would have looked like 5 years in the future if things hadn’t gone her way. From hedging and spreads we see The little Mermaid characters in an entirely new light – a little older and sturdier and grittier than we remember them. However, they still manage to capture the same magic and heart as the original characters. Strohm’s astonishing graphic adaptation of part of your world will be released on June 13, 2023 and is available for pre-order here.

(featured image: Disney)

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