Author Bruce Goldwell Releases New MG/YA Fantasy Novel – Dragon Keepers V: WARLOCK

“Dragon Guardians V: Warlock”

Author Bruce Goldwell is pleased to announce the release of his new young adult fantasy novel, WARLOCK. This is the fifth book in his Dragon Keepers series.

Are you ready for another adventure with Merlin?

Step into the world of Merlin the Magician from his early days to being the white-haired wizard and the most powerful magician to ever exist.

Merlin has his greatest challenge ever in Book V as he must complete a quest thrust upon him by an evil warlock. Aeem was taken prisoner. In order to save his life, Merlin must complete his assigned quest before the next full moon.

The Dragon Keepers series teaches the principles of success through magic, mystery, and adventure.

Readers who like stories of dragons, fantastical creatures such as fairies, mermaids, elves [elfins]etc will enjoy the Dragon Keepers series.

Praise of The Dragin Keepers series:

“The Dragon Keepers series opens up a world of childish fantasy filled with good and evil, men and elves, dragons and beasts and takes you on a continuous journey from one volume to the next. It’s definitely a book/series to share with your children, or as in my case, the grandchildren and bask in the awe and excitement in their young eyes as they realize the beauty and good that can be, and how it always overcomes the ugliness and evil of the world that is.- Cindy Smith, reader

“Bruce Goldwell creates a world of mists and dragons beyond space and time…a world of the imagination. Merlin and Aeem become real to us…we feel their emotions, live their visions. Never see another as inferior to you… “There is wisdom here from an author who really knows how to tell a story…more wisdom in the first pages than in most books today.” –Howard Lipman, reader

Book information:

Dragon Keepers V: WARLOCK

by Bruce Goldwell

Posted: March 30, 2022

ISBN: 979-8443042558 (pb)

ISBN: 979-8443057545 (hc)

Pages: 206

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